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The Blooming Books Project

We believe so much in our mission and vision to help children all over the country, that our goal is to help make this series and its materials available to public schools, libraries, children's hospitals and after school programs that may be limited in funding. By putting a percent of our proceeds back into the free distribution of Blooming Rose book packages to select entities, we are able to reach more and more children who desperately need a healthy model and conversation on their emotional well being. Future plans include: 

children running on farm towards mother, sunset, trees

The Blooming Books Hospital Tour
scheduling a monthly rotation of children's book authors to visit, donate copies, do read alouds and host activities in local children's hospitals in our area (SE Texas and South Louisiana) - fellow authors, please message me to join in or with help planning one in your area

The Blooming Books Summer Tour 
scheduling author visits and donating copies to underfunded summer camp and after school programs

Blooming Rose Paws for Reading Events 
planning "read at the shelter" events by partnering with local animal rescue groups and facilities to promote pet adoption + literacy skills in our kids 

We'd also love to be a part of as many non-profit children's or literacy programs as possible; if you have an upcoming event or gala looking for gift packages to raffle, or another way we could help, please message us with more details!  

We hope to spark conversations, spark hope, and spark opportunities for as many kids as possible. 

Thank you for your support. 

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