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Blooming Resources: Fishy Friends card game!

With our brand new podcast now out in the world, I'll be discussing and highlighting an activity that will go along with each episode's topic!

For our first guest episode with teachers Shana Boettcher & Blair Ganz, we talked all about the ins and outs of navigating childhood friendships.

We all know how tricky social situations can get for our littles, from preschool all the way into adulthood! Creating, nurturing and building meaningful friendships is one of life's greatest gifts.

I’ve created a friendship game to help kiddos reflect on the types of behaviors that make them feel great in a friendship, and some that make them feel not so great. In this Go Fish style game, players will be matching up 4 "friendly" scenarios and 4 "fishy" scenarios, and gets students thinking about how they might react in similar situations.

A bonus writing prompt expands upon their reflection including what type of friend we might be and how we can be a better friend by treating others with the same kind of behaviors we seek in return. 

Is your little school of friends ready to find out if they're more friendly, or more fishy?!

Download Fishy Friends on our TPT here!

Listen to our episode, Blooming Books on Navigating Friendships here!

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