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Blooming Books Podcast: Celebrating Inclusion!

This episode on inclusion was especially touching and inspiring to me as a mom to neuro-typical and non-disabled kiddos, because true inclusion starts with EVERYONE learning, understanding and becoming more aware to all of the beautiful differences around us.

This conversation first starts with HOW we speak to and about others. I think one of the biggest things holding us back from interacting and engaging with those that are different, is not wanting to use offensive terms or awkward pauses. So we just don't. Intimidation wins. And our kids see that.

💚 What should you do when your young child points out a person with a disability in public?

💙 What should you do when you want to invite a person in a wheelchair to a skating party?

💜 What should you do when a non-verbal child wants to play with yours on the playground?

We get these answers and more by diving in to an open, honest and raw convo with

kick a$$ moms Aydee Deaton and Hayley Von Frank.

Aydee is mom to Nathan, a typical teen full of equal parts sass & side eye mixed with sweetness & smiles. Being the outgoing and open book personality she is, Aydee has no problem getting real about navigating life's less accessible routes with Nathan using a wheelchair for his cerebral palsy diagnosis. She also sprinkles in how she balances mom & work life as "the Sugarberry Cookie lady" and chats about her recent gig on The Food Network.

Hayley is a busy mom to two: kind-hearted and compassionate big sister Evie and her rambunctious and tender-hearted preschooler Timmy. She talks about being an advocate and a voice for her son with autism in a world that can be loud and overwhelming, and the rewarding impact it has on her neuro-typical daughter. She also wears many hats, in many flavors, as the Head Snackstronaut behind the creative flair that is her freeze dried snack biz, Space City Snacks.

Tune in to help us bust through the awkwardness & hush-hushes, to really dive into how we can speak, teach and model kindness and inclusivity, starting with ourselves.

*links in bold 

Aydee's Book Picks:

My Name is Maya by Shay Abigail (deaf & sign language)

You're Invited by Meredith Staggers (inclusion & celebrating differences)

Hayley's Book Picks:

A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond (non-verbal & autism)

Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima (fitting in & standing out)

Lauren's Book Pick:

What Can Hayes Be by Kayce Smith (limb deficiency & prosthetics)

Blooming SEL Resource: The Perfect Match! (adaptive tools & their uses)

Tune in to this episode on Apple, Spotify or YouTube and let me know how you're talking about inclusion with your kiddos!

And you can connect with Hayley @SpaceCitySnacks and Aydee @SugarberryCookieShoppe on Insta & FB!

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