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Blooming Books Podcast: Navigating Friendships!

Updated: Mar 27

For our first official episode, we dove into the topic of fishy friends, a recess queen and teacher besties with elementary educators Shana Boettcher & Blair Ganz!

After a fun, rapid fire questions intro that took a true crime turn, we switched gears to talk all about guiding our kiddos through friendship conundrums. As a first grade teacher, Blair mentions squabbles are usually innocent playground drama mixed with the trials and tribulations of learning to share, taking turns and treating each other how we want to be treated.

Maturing minds get a little more complex through the years states Shana, a third grade teacher. We talk having to model and teach how to recognize and respect all the differing and unique personalities emerging, and know that it's ok to not be besties with everyone! Being kind and friendly is always a must, but it's around this time where you find your tribe and can celebrate being YOU!

*links in bold

Blair's Book Pick: The Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill which follows Mean Jean on her journey from playground bully to embracing a new friendship

Shana's Book Pick: The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig illustrates the loneliness of one shy boy who gets a chance to shine

Lauren's Book Pick: The Not-So-Friendly Friend by Christina Furnival exemplifies setting boundaries on how friends treat you, and gives a chance to reflect on how you're treating friends in return

Bonus Pick: What is Empathy, a Bullying Storybook for Kids by Amanda Morin walks readers through a scenario from two points of view, since there's always two sides to every story

Blooming SEL Resource: our Fishy Friends matching game where players sort and match friendly or fishy scenarios Go Fish style

Tune in to this episode on Apple, Spotify or YouTube and let me know - are you a friendly friend or fishy foe?!

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