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Blooming Books Podcast: Season 1 Author Spotlight!

I knew (and hoped!) this podcast would bring about a useful list for parents and teachers to pull book recommendations from for their homes or classrooms, but it's been so much more than I ever could have dreamed!

On episode 3 we chatted all about inclusion, and one of our guests, Aydee Deaton, brought a slew of amazing books to the table, literally! One of those books was by another Houston-based author named Meredith Staggers, that I have since had the pleasure of connecting with!

Having her on our season finale episode, and getting her insights on her inspirations behind the who and why of writing her book was just the cherry on top!

Her debut children's book is titled, You're Invited!, and I love that it just ties everything in nicely with what this whole podcast and SEL-driven education is all about - that everyone is and should be welcome at our table!

Talking more.

Learning more.

Connecting more.

Celebrating together more.

I hope you love tuning into this special episode, and this whole season - can't wait to dive into what we have in store for season 2, thank you!

*links in bold 

Meredith's Book available here:

Blooming SEL Resource: Everyone's Invited (party planning to include everyone!)

Tune in to this episode on Apple, Spotify or YouTube and let me know what challenges you face in your home or classroom!

Thanks again to Meredith for coming on! Connect with her @cakeandconfetti on Insta & FB!

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