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Blooming Resources: Everyone's Invited! an inclusive party planning prompt

Although we are all more alike than we think, learning about ways we’re different is the first step in understanding, accepting, respecting and appreciating what makes us all unique!

In this activity, students first get to reflect and celebrate some of their own favorite things by including them in their party hat design following the prompts.

Then, they'll have a chance to ask and appreciate a classmate's favorite things by designing them a hat to reflect their personality. Can repeat for as many people as they'd like - but I bet you won’t have two hats that look just the same!

Download includes:

- party hat decoration prompts for student & peers

- tiny hat template & instructions

*hat template is smaller than standard size party hat to fit on 8.5x11 paper

*optional add-ons like ribbon, pompoms and glitter

*for more sturdy hats, print or trace onto cardstock, construction paper or poster board

When we can learn and respect what makes us different, we create a welcoming and accepting environment for everyone!

DOWNLOAD it on our TeachersPayTeachers store here!

LISTEN to our podcast episode on inclusive party planning with You're Invited! author & event designer Meredith Staggers here!

When we can learn and respect what makes us all unique, we can paint a beautifully, diverse picture where everyone has a place!

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