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Blooming Resources: Howl at the Moon BINGO!

The stars at night, are big and bright - in our little slice of Texas! And living outside of Space City (Houston), you can't help but love all things Astro-related!

From star gazing with our constellations app, to making rockets with Blooming Rose Blasts Off!, it's safe to say we are a bit obsessed, so making this fun moon facts game was a no brainer.

Get ready to Howl at the MOON during our next full moon with 30 out-of-this-world lunar facts & a class set of 24 bingo boards!

Perfect for Halloween-themed activities, interactive S.T.E.M. days or an engaging review game - your kiddos will love testing their knowledge, including:

Do you know what causes the PHASES of the moon?!

Do you know what country, organization & human were first to LAND on the moon?!

Do you know which other PLANETS have moons of their own?!

Your students and kids will be awe-inspired to learn all about our moon, our journey there, and the many moons of our neighboring planets as well!

this download includes:

30 print & cut space fact cards

24 ready to print bingo boards

BONUS fact writing sheet

Link to download:

So, who's ready to BLAST OFF?!

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