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Blooming Resources: our Beyond the Text Bundle for Blooming Rose Blasts Off!

Updated: Jan 21

lesson objectives: I can extend the literary experience through book-based reading comprehension, ELA, STEM and SEL activities

My goal with this series all along has been to provide tools for at home and in the classroom, that help support, engage and spark meaningful conversations and deepen comprehension.

When developing the SEL topics and summaries for each book, I also came up with an academic bundle theme that could seamlessly be used after read aloud sessions, for individual center work, collaborative small group exercises, and whole class or take home projects.

A bundle of activities that would be both academic-based and useable in the classroom, and print ready with lesson objectives listed to easily incorporate into lesson plans - aka less work for my teacher friends!

The bundles are broken into three leveled options, including one for Pre-K & Kinder, First & Second, and Third & Fourth grades, with sample learning objectives listed. Many activities also have correlating & instructional video clips on our YouTube page to accompany your lesson!

This Blast Off-themed bundle consists of ten academic exercises including reading comprehension (making inferences), space facts writing prompt (informative), vocabulary building, word mechanics (silent letters), S.T.E.M. (levels of the atmosphere),

whole group project (rocket building), character

building (what makes us unique), Think Like an Author + Think Like an Illustrator (write/illustrate the next page of the story), and a rocket bookmark template to design.

**It is NOT necessary to read the book to complete most of the activities, but hardcover custom-signed copies + ebook versions are available here with an 80% discount on our bundle link!

Links to download each leveled bundle plus individual activities can be found on our TeachersPayTeachers store here!

PLUS check out our correlating instructional videos on our YouTube channel here!

How do you spark conversations in your home or classroom about hard work and perseverance?! Let me know in the comments below!

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