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Blooming Resources: Our Memory Box! cherishing & creating family mementos

Teaching our kids and students about the importance of their family traditions, mementos and culture can be a powerful way to help them connect with family at home, and share their unique memories at school.

This can be especially important when children are going through times of grief or impending loss, and a heartfelt way to lend compassion and understanding during their uncertain situations.

On our Illness & Loss episode of The Blooming Books Podcast, we chatted with fellow author Sarah Allison about her book, The Memory Keepers, which pairs well with this activity and the importance of preserving and protecting families' most cherished moments.

In this two-part activity, students first get to decorate a memory box using a shoe box, small delivery box, or store-bought gift box, with decorating idea prompts on how to style it to reflect their family. Next, students will use the checklist to gather, discuss and create mementos to add to their box for a special keepsake.

A bonus writing sheet is included for students to reflect on the most meaningful item in their box, and to share with their peers or class.

Download includes:

- materials & box decorating prompt sheet

- mementos checklist

- written reflection sheet

- family project instructional sheet

DOWNLOAD it on our TeachersPayTeachers store here!

LISTEN to our podcast episode Blooming Books on Illness & Loss here!

When we can learn and respect what makes our family unique, we can create and cherish memories for a lifetime!

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