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Blooming Resources: SEL Mantras Series on Friendships!

If you've been following along on social media for a bit now, you've probably noticed our weekly mantra series - where I post one monthly topic and 4 mini-mantras to go along with each on "Mantra Monday."

Who doesn't love starting off the week on a positive note?!

Well, after over a year of randomly posting topics and themes that were on my heart at the time, I decided to collect & organize them into three collections (so far ;) and our first bundle is live and ready to roll!

SEL - or Social Emotional Learning - is becoming a front runner in the education world, finally! To educate a child, you must first start in an emotionally & physically stable and secure state, so I'm so happy to see it

being integrated more and more into classrooms, and not just during counselor lessons.

And, using mantras is a great and easy way to implement these self-reflective exercises and discussions whether it be a morning journal entry, a pair & share activity or a whole group conversation.

This first collection is FIVE monthly topics on friendships and relationships, with 4 mini-mantras and challenges to go along with each week, including:

I CAN Form Meaningful Friendships

I CAN Be a Good Friend

I CAN Stand Up For Myself & My Beliefs

I CAN Be A Positive Influence

I CAN Encourage Myself and Others

This bundle listing is available on our TeachersPayTeachers page here!

This download also includes a mantra guide to getting started, and conversation prompts for each week. You can also find an instructional video for you home or class on our YouTube page here!

And please, follow along, subscribe and let us know what you think of our podcast episodes that will be diving deeper into these SEL topics and more on The Blooming Books Podcast - kicking off soon - on Apple, Spotify & YouTube!

If you're new to SEL, and still wondering what it's all about - download our FREE PDF with an SEL overview and book recommendations on popular topics on our podcast page here!

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