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Blooming Resources: The Perfect Match! adaptive tools + inclusion activity

Although we are all more alike than we think, learning about ways we’re different is the first step in understanding, accepting, respecting and appreciating what makes us unique!

In our Blooming Books Podcast episode on celebrating inclusion, we talk about navigating life with differing abilities, and the impact our society can have on their access, acceptance and inclusion.

This activity aims to take away some of the mystery surrounding adaptive tools our kids and students might see or use on a regular basis, and replaces it with curiosity and kindness.

This download includes one matching activity sheet, and 2 reference sheets that describe each tool and its importance.

Tools including:

- wheelchairs, walkers & prosthetics for mobility and independence

- service dogs & Braille for blind and vision impairments

- hearing aids, cochlear implants, closed captions & sign language for

deaf and hearing impairments

- visual charts & headphones for neurodivergent overstimulation

- language devices for non-verbal communication

This episode and activity is an easy way to spark important conversations on celebrating the ways we are different, understanding challenges other may face, and extending patience and compassion to everyone.

Knowledge and meaningful discussions teach our kids to be curious yet kind, approachable yet respectful, and similar yet appreciative of differences towards others!

How have you handled situations with differences in the past, and is it how you hope to handle and model them in the future?

Download The Perfect Match on our TPT here! 

Listen to our episode, Blooming Books on Celebrating Inclusion here! 

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