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Blooming Resources: Think Like An Author + Illustrator

Not to pick favorites, but this might just be my favorite activity in the bundle that goes along with our book, Blooming Blasts Off! Not just because I'm an author, but because it's such a fun and engaging way to keep kiddos thinking after the story ends.

This activity gets students to ponder on predicting and imagining what might happen after the last page of Blooming Rose Blasts Off!? With both a brainstorming and editing sheet, plus a partially illustrated sheet for their "final" product, kids get to put themselves in my shoes to first think of an idea for the next page, and then to support their writing with graphic details as well.

This is a great supplement to our story, and one that I use frequently during author visits if I have the extra time. I love seeing their faces when I finish reading and tell them ok, this is where my story ends, but where does yours begin?!

I also have a correlating video on our YouTube channel that intros this activity for your kiddos that can be found here.

This sheet is perfect for individual center work after a read aloud, think-pair-share partner work, or whole group discussions.

Our TeacherPayTeachers link to download can be found here.

This is one of the ten activities included in our academic Blast Off Bundles for our story - which are listed as levels for PreK/K, 1st/2nd

and 3rd/4th grades - and can be found on our

shop page linked here.

So I want to know, what do you think happens next in Blooming Rose Blasts Off?!

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