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Blooming Resources: Unique Explorations an SEL activity!

lesson objectives: I can reflect, share and celebrate differences in myself and others

We have a growing consensus among educators and parents alike, that we have to teach kindness, respect and acceptance to our kids. "Back in my day" school was for academics, feelings were not spoken of, and SEL was a non-existent notion. But, luckily the importance of integrating SEL, or Social-Emotional Learning, strategies in the classroom and at home has taken a big spotlight in recent years.

And I believe our next generation will grow up more compassionate, confident and successful on a deeper level because of it.

This activity was designed to help guide conversations and students into reflecting, sharing and celebrating their differing traits that make them stellar with this resource titled, UNIQUE EXPLORATIONS!

Just like main characters Rose & Brady in our story Blooming Rose Blasts Off!, we all have subjects, activities and opinions that make us interesting & unique.

With two leveled versions, students will get to reflect on their own opinions and traits

with drawn or written responses, and then

get to share & compare to those of their peers.

Whether used in a buddy center, small group circle or whole group discussion, let's model that in a universe full of stars, it's cool to STAND OUT!

When we can identify, take pride in, and confidently stand in what makes us unique, we can accept and appreciate that in others as well.

A link to download this activity can be found in our TeachersPayTeachers store here!

PLUS check out our correlating instructional video on our YouTube channel here!

How do you spark conversations in your home or classroom about celebrating differences?! Let me know if the comments below!

*This activity is from our Beyond the Text Bundle that complements our children's book, Blooming Rose Blasts Off! Our full bundle listing consists of ten academic exercises including reading comprehension, word mechanics, STEM activity and more.

It is NOT necessary to read the book to complete activity; but hardcover custom-signed copies + ebook versions are available here!

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