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Meet Blooming Rose

Hi! And welcome to the home of our children's book series and academic materials!

✨ WHAT: Blooming Rose Blasts Off is the first title published in our series, and focuses on our main character Rose and her best friend Brady as they're assigned a challenging rocket launcher project. While Brady loves to experiment, Rose is just stuck on where to even start! But, with a little encouragement, patience and practice, read to find out if she learns how to SOAR!

✨ WHY: I first created the concept of Blooming Rose books based off of the real life struggles and obstacles I saw in my elementary classroom and at home. I wanted this series and its materials to be tools in your belt when emotional, behavioral and healthy support situations arise in your home or campus.

✨ WHO: this story is great for children in preschool through middle school as it includes story notes in the beginning and end that help readers relate, connect and ponder on these characters, their strength and weaknesses, and how this situation can be applied into their own life. We all have subjects we love and projects that might come easier to us than others, and some that don't - and that's ok!

Custom signed copies of Blooming Rose Blasts Off and its bundle of academic activities that goes along with can be found on our "for books" page - plus extra academic and emotional support resources & freebies are on our TeachersPayTeachers page.

Let us know in the comments what else you'd like to know about our book, series and resources!

Thanks for visiting - Lauren

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