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Our tips for setting up a holiday promotion timeline that works?"

Do you prepare backup plans?

As a product-based entrepreneur you always have to stay ahead of the game in terms of scheduling and planning ahead for holiday or seasonal specific promotions. I like to make a Year at A Glance marketing plan, and then two-three months ahead of each phase, I start making sure I have graphics & content ideas ready to go and promotional materials ordered ahead as needed.

So for instance, we personally don’t start decorating and shopping for Christmas in our household until December 1, but as a business owner, I’ve learned to start signing up for holiday markets, and ordering a surplus of bookmarks and order cards in September, so I’m ready to hit post on holiday promotional content & events starting November 1 - and that’s even later for some! ;)

I always order what I think I need, plus an extra case - because you never know exactly what quantities you’ll go through. Luckily UPrinting has such a fast turnaround, as in I can usually get materials within a week of ordering, so even if you’re running behind or get in a bind, they can have you covered pretty quickly.

Tell us something about yourself and your business, and please recommend a product from your shop that would make a great holiday gift.

As a busy mom like most of our customers, I try to make our gift giving process as easy and smooth as possible. For November & December I’ll be offering free gift packaging with orders of our first children’s book title about hard work & perseverance, Blooming Rose Blasts Off! All orders are custom signed to your kiddo(s) on the inside cover and includes design-your-own rocket bookmarks. They can even add an academic bundle of activities for grades PreK-4th so that your gift is ready to go - and bonus points because Mom & Dad will love the extra activity ideas during th

e winter break! It also makes a great gift for elementary teachers to add to their classroom or campus libraries, with exercises to use in class or to take home! Books & bundles can be found on our website,

*thank you to UPrinting for this guest post opportunity for their Holiday Survival Guide

UPrinting has done an amazing job with print quality and quick turnaround on our promotional pieces like our thank you order card, book mark and retractable banner. I would definitely recommend them for all of your promotional printing needs.

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