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Q&A: What is the next book in your series?

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Avery Rose Finds Her Jam! At her first concert - Coldplay!

What do you think readers would like most about this book?

I hope readers like a lot of things about this book! But if I had to pick one take away, it would be that they can relate to our character Rose, and that’s it’s ok not to be the best at everything, or have every project come easily. Hard work is worth the time, patience and effort in achieving something new!

What are some discussions parents can have after reading your book?

As a teacher, we’re taught prompting techniques to ask students before, during and after reading a text, and I thought they were so valuable to enhance comprehension and connections when reading a story like this, that I decided to include prompts and conversation starters in the beginning and end of the story. Mainly asking if there was a time that they’ve felt in a similar situation, how did they handle it, and if they could go through it again, would they react the same way, etc…

What is the next book in your series?

Up next for our series is Blooming Rose Finds Her Jam. Growing up and even now, I’ve always felt a strong connection to music, and the ways it can elevate or ease your moods depending on how you’re feeling. I think it’s nice hearing lyrics of someone who’s felt similar to the way you might be feeling, or simply being able to let the beat move through you. In this story Rose and her best friend Brady experience just that - the power of music!

What has been the most surprising thing along this publication journey?

The biggest surprise along this journey has been the overwhelming support and camaraderie among picture book authors, in particular self- or hybrid- published authors. We’re small business owners. And we’re having to navigate this steep learning curve, with not only writing and publishing, but marketing and financing, and everything in between, and I’ve come across nothing but positive, helpful and supportive authorpreneurs along the way! And timelines. Everything takes longer than you think! ;)

What’s a favorite hobby of yours?

The older I get the more I love and appreciate the time I get to take for myself. Whether it’s doing yoga, getting a massage, reading a couple chapters of a book, listening to my fav crime podcast (Crime Junkie), or just treating myself to an iced coffee from a small town shop, I really try to turn my mom/author brain off when I can and just rest & relax in the moment. So yea, basically any time I get to do that!

Thank you to Stephanie Jane for hosting this interview on her blog, original post can be found here soon.

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