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for author visits 

I'd love to plan a custom visit for your campus or group!

Our school visit info sheet to download & share can be found

Our author visit options are at no charge, but I do ask to send out a customized pre-order form in advance. School campuses that can account for ten or more orders from staff, campus and students will receive a complimentary signed copy for the campus library.

Visit options include, but are not limited to, the following...

we'd love to hear from you!

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blooming reads

author read aloud & book signing event typical at schools, libraries, after school programs, summer camps, children's hospitals & kids' events
20 min, ideal for ages 3-9

blooming socials

author read aloud, book signing PLUS themed activity  typical at schools, libraries, after school programs, summer camps, children's hospitals & kids' events
30 min, ideal for ages 3-9

presentation time with the author for an engaging conversation on a topic of choice listed below, question and answer session, and interactive activity: 

blooming talks


45 min, can be tailored for upper elementary through junior high school  

Creative Careers in Publishing: students take an interactive walk in my shoes through the publishing process as authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, graphic designers, and marketing coordinators

Elements of Writing a Short Story: an interactive guide through the fictional writing process 

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FREE + quick video message addressed to your kids or classroom from Blooming Rose author Lauren Piland; personalized messaging promotes literacy, kindness and/or character building
30-60 secs, ideal for ages 3-9


schedules permitting, we can arrange a special lunch time social with the author for a group of 4-6 students either in the cafeteria, library, classroom or campus location of your choice. 30 min, ideal for ages 5-9


sip & read 

private kids' or adults' event including author meet & greet, series background and materials outline, and book signings; typical with small or large groups of kids, parents, educators or counselors

sip & shop

cohosted adults' or kids' event with partner company including author meet & greet, book signings, typical with yoga workshops, jewelry + clothing boutiques, museums, mini spa days, artisan & holiday markets, etc


zoom + bloom q&a


FREE virtual event with author for a quick intro + q&a session; typical at schools, libraries, after school programs, summer camps, & children's hospitals 
15 min, ideal for ages 5-9

zoom + bloom read aloud

FREE virtual event with author read aloud and q&a, typical at schools, libraries, after school programs, summer camps, & children's hospitals 
30 min, ideal for ages 5-9

for more info

check out the booking section of our FAQs page

for booking


about the author, Lauren Piland

From my Louisiana roots turned Texan farm boots, I should have known that a life filled with plot twists and character development would lead to becoming an author! But, fresh out of LSU's Advertising program and into a marketing & design firm, the thought never crossed my mind. Even years later, switching gears into elementary education and starting a family of my own didn't set off "the" light bulb moment.
It wasn't until after four, "long" years teaching second grade and then elementary art, that I took a break to stay home with a second kiddo of my own. After seeing firsthand the love, passion, sweat and tears that goes into teaching, parenting and shaping these little humans, I knew I wasn't done with my part in trying to help sort out some of the obstacles for kids, for teachers and for parents.
My "Joanna Gaines moment" came when I found a way to wrap up my love for writing, intrigue with childhood emotions, desire to help teachers, an old trusty marketing degree and a slight obsession for planning fun kids' events, into a pretty and imperfectly designed little business idea. Thus, Blooming Rose was born! (*because who can better tie together all their interests into something pretty than JoJo: sweets, seedlings and silos, anyone?!)

I sincerely hope you love this series and materials as much as I do. 

This series is dedicated to my Avery Rose and Owens “Rex.”

to read more about me and our series, check out our blog posts

Kristen bio pic.jpg

about the illustrator, Kristen Humphrey
After thumbing through countless portfolios from around the world, the stars aligned when the one we fell in love with hails from right here in the Lone Star state! As a Texas A&M grad, and a fellow animal lover, we're so excited she's agreed to help us bring Blooming Rose to life! 

Kristen is a passionate artist and loves to bring stories to life through her illustrations. She grew up in the pine forests of southeast Texas and later graduated from A&M’s Visualization program. When not drawing on her tablet, she can be found walking her dogs, trail riding with her horse, or cozying up on the couch watching her favorite TV shows.

To get a peek at more of her work, visit her Instagram page 
@krisillus, and check out her speeding drawing of our main character Rose here on our YouTube page! 

Kristen is represented by Astound, Inc.
Click here to view her portfolio and for all art inquiries. She is highly recommended. ;) 

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