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As a mom and former elementary teacher, my hope is that our book series and academic exercises can help both educators in the classroom and parents at home to deepen connections, strengthen comprehension, spark curiosity and engage in conversations with a range of topics based in reading, ELA, STEM, SEL and more!  

You can visit our TeachersPayTeachers store linked here for all of our downloadable and print-ready resources, including some freebies! 

In addition to a range of individual exercises, we also offer a Beyond the Text Bundle with each of our book titles, that is
 designed so that you can seamlessly continue the connections and comprehension from the read aloud and conversation starters in each book, into small group and independent work with a variety of bundle activities.

The bundles are broken into
three leveled options including one for Pre-K & Kinder, First & Second, and Third & Fourth grades, with sample learning objectives listed. Many activities also have correlating video clips on our YouTube page to accompany your lesson!

Each Beyond the Text Bundle includes exercises in: 

Reading Comprehension: exploring a comprehension strategy such as summarizing, main idea, compare & contrast, character traits, making connections and inferencing

Vocabulary Building: highlighting five words from the text to include definitions, synonyms and antonyms, or using context clues for understanding 

Word Mechanics: center-based independent work to review phonics strategies, rhyming pairs, word sort, matching, etc...

Writing Prompt: encouraging writing in descriptive, narrative, how to or informative styles

S.T.E.M. Exercise: a technology based exercise relating to science, engineering or math 

Social Emotional Learning: a character building activity that correlates to the challenges faced in the story 

Whole Group Activity: a group project-based task relating to the story to experience at home or in the classroom 

Think Like An Author: prompting students to put themselves in my shoes to write the next page of Blooming Rose Blasts Off!

Think Like An Illustrator: a black and white, partially illustrated page to embellish and reflect their self-written author page 

Blast Off Bookmarks: a design your own rocket bookmark template to print, along with instructions for adding your own ribbon or yarn tassel 

Learning Objectives: grade level learning objectives for all activities are also listed in the bundle to make lesson planning a breeze

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Bundle Guide



Reading Comprehension


and more!

Extra Credit: Want Blooming Rose to visit your classroom?! Visit the link below for all the fun visits we can plan for your students virtually
or in person! 

We hope you find this series and its materials both engaging and useful in your classroom! 

Author, Blooming Rose

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