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Blooming Books Podcast: Facing Challenges!

Facing struggles as parents and teachers is inevitable, yet a pivotal moment we can teach and model our own less than zen moments for our kiddos facing theirs.

On this special podcast swap episode, we dive into what triggers our own mom guilt with the Mama You're Doing Great podcast host, Kendahl Yanez on her show and ours!

As a mom who's dealt with postpartum struggles and longing for a sense of community, she's now created and grown a safe space and online support tribe with her events, forums and her first ever Great Mama Mindset Conference!

💛 On her podcast, Mama You're Doing Great, she dives deep with fellow mamas about our struggles, our triumphs and how the support & encouragement we can lend each other is just what we all need.

💜 Then, we dove into our own podcast episode about the challenges we face as moms, and how that relates to modeling and guiding our kiddos through the challenges they face - plus book picks of course!

*links in bold 

Kendahl's Book Pick:

Take Heart My Child by Ainsley Earhardt

Lauren's Book Picks:

Smudges by Lauren Emerson

Blooming SEL Resource: Unique Explorations (identifying strengths, weakness and what makes us unique!)

Tune in to this episode on Apple, Spotify or YouTube and let me know what challenges you face in your home or classroom!

Connect with our guest and check out her podcast @KendahlYanez on Insta & FB!

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