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Blooming Resources: Cloudy Day! a self-regulation techniques activity

We've all had days that go from cloudy to worse! Our friend Stormy is having one of those days.

In our Blooming Books Podcast episode on self-regulation, we talk with family therapist Carly Kirk of @TheWellCounselingKaty about the importance of awareness, identification and validation for our less than sunny feelings, and how to return to smoother skies.

And in this activity, students get to take a walk in Stormy’s shoes, and see if they can help him turn his cloud upside down using self-regulation techniques.

strategies include:

  • deep breathing

  • walk in nature

  • listen to music

  • talk it out

  • stretch & move

  • read, write or draw

With a strategy guide, activity sheet and a self-reflection page, students will get to see and experience Stormy's day, making connections to real-world scenarios that feel familiar to them as well.

As parents and educators, opening up conversations about how we've been in sticky situations ourselves before too, modeling how we navigate big emotions, and validating their similar feelings builds foundations of trust and future regulation.

DOWNLOAD it on our TeachersPayTeachers store here!

LISTEN to our podcast episode Blooming Books on Self-Regulation here!

What's your favorite way to cool down on a warm day?!

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