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Blooming Books Podcast: Self-Regulation!

The building block of most Social Emotional Learning (SEL) techniques starts with self-regulation. But, what is self-regulation?!

It's simply the ability and awareness to identify and process any given emotion. It is helpful in times of happiness and gratitude, but most often focused on for reflecting and reacting to frustrating or upsetting scenarios.

💚 What triggers a toddler melt down at the grocery store?

💙 What middle school anxiety surrounds drama on the playground?

💜 What drives jr high preteen antics?

Situations are rarely the same, and vary from child to child, so it can seem daunting and overwhelming to know how to react in each situation.

But, it's important that we try helping them from an early age to:

1. identify what they are feeling and why it is making them upset

2. validate their feelings

3. implement a calm down technique or anger release

4. plan a way forward

Will we always have the perfect answer, or perfect response? Of course not! But, when we see our child struggling, and our patience becomes strained, we can discuss and learn together on ways to make these types of situations go smoother in the future.

Our special guest this week has learned and experienced many of these scenarios. Carly Kirk is a young mom and licensed social worker with a background in the school setting. Along with her mom Connie, they've opened The Well Counseling Center in west Houston to help serve families with therapy, support groups and community engagement services.

Tune in as she lends her insights on self-regulation techniques, and the importance of practicing techniques of our own, as we adults, in turn, model healthy behavior for our kids.

*links in bold 

Carly's Book Pick:

Breathe Like Bear by Kira Willey

Lauren's Book Pick:

Barbara Throws a Wobbler by Nadia Shireen

I Breathe For Me by Reesa Shayne

Blooming SEL Resource: Cloudy Day! (self-regulation techniques & reflection)

Tune in to this episode on Apple, Spotify or YouTube and let me know what self-regulation techniques work in your home or classroom!

Connect with Carly and her amazing team @theWellCounselingKaty on Insta & FB!

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